When your friend dies

18 synonyms of when from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 2 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for when. Access From Anywhere Securely access When To Work online from anywhere via computer or mobile device. No need to install any software. The simple interface and streamlined communication features save you time and let you keep track of employee shifts with just a quick glance. In the case where multiple Deferred objects are passed to jQuery.when (), the method returns the Promise from a new "master" Deferred object that tracks the aggregate state of all the Deferreds it has been passed. The method will resolve its master Deferred as soon as all the Deferreds resolve, or reject the master Deferred as soon as one of ... When - English Grammar Today - a reference to written and spoken English grammar and usage - Cambridge Dictionary when - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions. Principal Translations: Inglés: Español: when adv adverb: Describes a verb, adjective, adverb ... when: [conjunction] at or during the time that : while. just at the moment that. at any or every time that. Usage Note: In informal style when is often used after forms of be in definitions: A dilemma is when you don't know which way to turn. Although useful, this construction is widely regarded as incorrect or unsuitable for formal discourse.

2021.10.18 13:39 Girtania When your friend dies

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2021.10.18 13:39 readit202019 Finally took like 3 generations but I finally have intresting looking sims that have alien DNA. They look so weird but I love it!

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2021.10.18 13:39 -Nelex5000- Otters aren’t pets. You are disgusting fools for keeping them and supporting posts like this. Selfish and ignorant. Voting me down doesn’t change what shit people you are…🙄

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2021.10.18 13:39 Matt5486 BATTLE ROUND 1: Squid Game

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2021.10.18 13:39 Krypto-Monitor Spieleplattform Steam verbannt NFTs, Epic Games vorsichtig

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2021.10.18 13:39 rungdisplacement Ok turns out I kinda like dressing a bit masculine

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2021.10.18 13:39 DirtygoesCyber Penis Burning sensation

Had revived oral sex 2 days ago from a stranger and immediately after, I started to feel a burning sensation on the tip of my penis. I am uncircumcised and I don’t know if I just have an irritation or an STD? But would an STD show up that quick? I doubt it. Maybe I’m just extra sensitive? I have no other signs. No pain when urinating, no discharge, spots. Etc.
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2021.10.18 13:39 Kirby_stomps_Kratoss So cute

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2021.10.18 13:39 retrovertigo What are your tips for earning mobile rewards points?

Years ago, it was really easy to earn daily points via the Bing app by cycling through the news categories. For the last year, it seems that earning points via the Bing app is very inconsistent, as to what counts as a search and what doesn't. Just curious to see what others do to earn points via the Bing/mobile app.
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2021.10.18 13:39 ns696969 Vivro and why did it stop working

Did someone sabotage anton's viviro or something along those lines because it seems unlikely that his viviro stop working as the revolution started
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2021.10.18 13:39 jazziejec18 SeoHyun x Singles Magazine : Preview 💚

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2021.10.18 13:39 mamarunsfar No more place cards to grab?

My studio recently started having us just tell the front desk employee which spot we want. I liked having the cards, so I am just curious if this is a common thing or what your studio does in order to secure your starting spot?
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2021.10.18 13:39 6iiixgod Bitcoin Investment

I am holding a masterclass on zoom on how to invest in cryptocurrency, kindly send a direct message to get the invitation link
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2021.10.18 13:39 Peggy08 HII IM PEGGY

I am peggggy I'm bored batshit I'm very new to Reddit and I have no clue what I'm doing still.. any advice??
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2021.10.18 13:39 iandrajacob this is what falling in love feels like

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2021.10.18 13:39 ArchyMumbles [bleacherreport] Tyrese Haliburton "As a point guard, a lot of times you're the voice of the team. Coming in as a 20-year-old, it's hard to try to tell grown men what to do. It's uncomfortable. "

After Superb Rookie Season, Tyrese Haliburton Says Casuals Are Sleeping on Kings
After an outstanding rookie season in which he finished third in Rookie of the Year voting, Sacramento Kings guard Tyrese Haliburton has a message for fans and observers who haven't given the Kings much thought in a chaotic offseason—discount them at your peril. They're closer than you think.
"The casual fan is more focused on the top two or three teams in each conference," Haliburton told Bleacher Report at shootaround on Monday before the Kings' preseason game against the Portland Trail Blazers. "There was a lot of shake-up towards the end of the year. We lost that game to San Antonio at home that would have really put us in good position to make the play-in game. [Before that game] I got hurt, H.B. [Harrison Barnes] got hurt, [De'Aaron] Fox got COVID. And the year before that, they were in a good spot and then the season got shut down, and then you get to the bubble and things go haywire from there."
Haliburton, the No. 12 overall pick in the 2020 draft out of Iowa State, was impressive from day one despite a short training camp and no summer league. He scored 12 points in 30 minutes in his NBA debut in a surprising win over the Denver Nuggets and quickly established himself as a reliable scorer off the bench backing up—and even playing with—Fox.
"We were in training camp for what felt like a day, and then the next thing we knew, we were in a preseason game," Haliburton said. "Right from the jump in Denver, I had a good debut and then just kept stacking good games. The more that happened, the more I was getting trust from our staff and from my teammates."
It didn't take long for Haliburton to become one of the team's leaders, even as a rookie. And as the Kings look to—finally—end a 15-year playoff drought, he's become so integral to their long-term plan that they have made him untouchable in potential trade talks for disgruntled Philadelphia 76ers star Ben Simmons, as B/R's Jake Fischer reported this week.
The Kings see him as a versatile guard with room to get better who has already shown he can command the respect of much older and more experienced teammates.
"As a point guard, a lot of times you're the voice of the team," Haliburton said. "Coming in as a 20-year-old, it's hard to try to tell grown men what to do. It's uncomfortable. But as time went on and guys have known who I am and what I'm about and I have better relationships with guys, it became a lot easier to use my voice. There's obviously other things on-court-wise as far as knowing the game. The NBA is such a copycat league. Everyone runs the same sets; they just call it something different. Being able to see that stuff before it happens. Film study, all that stuff."
Going into his second season, Haliburton says he expects to start alongside Fox in the backcourt rather than back him up. That means sharing leadership responsibilities with a guy who's already a borderline All-Star with a max extension about to kick in. Thus far, they haven't found it difficult to manage.
"It's just being authentic in what we say, being authentic in what we feel," Haliburton said. "We're very like-minded when it comes to wanting to win, wanting to do the right things. We're very similar in that respect. He just talks a lot less than I do, so a lot of times my voice is heard a little bit more because he's a quiet guy.
"He leads more by example than with his voice. But he's gotten a lot better at that. I've seen a lot of growth from him even in the last year, in terms of using his voice. We're all just saying how we feel. It's never anybody stepping on anybody's toes. For the most part, we agree about everything that's going on on the court. We've become really close, so leading and communicating is second nature for us."
The Kings have a guard-heavy roster, which will mean plenty of juggling for head coach Luke Walton. Rookie Davion Mitchell has already impressed in training camp with his defensive tenacity, and there's been talk of various three-guard lineups spending significant time on the floor this season.
"No question," Haliburton said. "I think we're going to do a lot of three-guard lineup stuff. On top of me, Fox and Davion, we've still got Buddy [Hield] and T.D. [Terence Davis]. There's a lot of different variations we can run. So you'll see a lot of that. I think offensively, it will help us space the floor and be able to have a lot of different primary ball-handlers. But defensively as a guard ‘room,' we've come together and said, ‘If we want to play this many of us together at a time, we've got to be great defensively.' We've got to get extra possessions with rebounds, because we're going to be smaller a lot of times."

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2021.10.18 13:39 admirer24 28m - Academic looking for fellow academics (Cancer researcher)

Hello :-)
I want to partake in the TOEFL IBT test in november and would appreciate the august presence of people versed in the english language on a high level, so that i may learn and observe. Of note, I am an imitator and to be in contact with you will automatically pull me up.
Thanks for your time!
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2021.10.18 13:39 MiaTheCurious What are some more social roles for someone with a sw engineering background?

I took a more hands on sw dev position after already working as a product architect where I mostly had meetings with senior devs and product owners because of some personal struggles that time.
But now then I really struggled with sitting behind a screen all the time especially with Covid and home office!
Currently I am seriously considering leaving tech despite $$$ because almost everyone seems to enjoy remote and not having many human interactions.
Also my white boarding skills and jargon need some serious investment and I just don’t burn for tech.
I do love creative problem solving though.
Any tipps?
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2021.10.18 13:39 Snoo29634 Can someone pls help me

My players stamina is awful how do I keep it normal
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2021.10.18 13:39 IvanMinea Don't have the money to buy a gaming computer? // Mobile And Tablet App Testers - Hiring Now-$25 - $35 per hour-*-----* Are you interested in working with me send a message

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2021.10.18 13:39 Believer109 Antarctica's last 6 months were the coldest on record

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