Looking for a Bible Study Subreddit for my wife.

2021.10.18 12:13 StudMuffinNick Looking for a Bible Study Subreddit for my wife.

My wife does bible study almost every night, but she does her studies in a bullet journal/ fancy not taking fashion. She wants to find a subreddit for something like that to post pictures, chat with others, and get inspiration from, but she is not sure exactly how to find something that specific. I was hoping someone could point us in the right direction to find it. Thank you in advance for any suggestions.
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2021.10.18 12:13 hellyeah4free Paid wrong postage for EU

Hello, as I moved to uk for university, I thought it would be fun to send hand-painted postcards back home. Ive never sent a postcard before so I didnt know what else other than a stamp I need.
Long story short, I went to Sainsburys and asked for a stamp that I could use for international postcard, and they gave me Large 2nd class blue ones. So I stamped the first card and sent it.
So I never thought somethings wrong, other than it took over a week.
But Ive sent 3 more since and they are not coming. So I started to look for possible reasons and realized that apparently I need to be using two 1st class stamps per card?
But why did that one get delivered?
I guess that the cards were collected somewhere rather than lost, but there isnt a return address. Is there any way I could retrieve them? If they were generic cards I wouldnt care, but I was so proud of them!
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2021.10.18 12:13 lilcowgirl12 Au pairing

Hi, I need advice. First of all sorry my english isn’t the best. Here goes. I’m an au pair in France right now. I love it here, the family is the best, I’ve been here a month and before I left I told the family I wanted to go home in march or june 2022. The original reason I wanted to go home in march is I was going on a schoolship. But as I thought that I wasn’t doing that, I told them okay I’ll stay for june. My contract says march or june 2022. Now the thing that has happened is I’m realizing I would rather want to go home in march and work for a few months as I’m going out traveling in fall 2022. I love it here but I do feel lonely and my boyfriend is at home, same with my grandma who is really sick. I would be leaving in late march, and if I left in june I would be leaving june 15th. To be honest I really want to go home for march but I have no idea how to tell them. I feel so guilty and annoying and I’m afraid that if I do tell them I’ll have to spend the next months afraid of them. I guess I need advice on how to tell them I want to go home a little earlier? Thanks so much. Btw I’m 20 years old.
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2021.10.18 12:13 WockkStarr Japanese soda hits different fr idk why but they are all like more refreshing is my best way to put it. They aren’t as sweet as most North American sodas from my opinion but now that I got the tin Ramune’s I think that’s all I’ll be sippin. Even the grape, it’s clear if u wanna see ur flip. S/o the🔌

Japanese soda hits different fr idk why but they are all like more refreshing is my best way to put it. They aren’t as sweet as most North American sodas from my opinion but now that I got the tin Ramune’s I think that’s all I’ll be sippin. Even the grape, it’s clear if u wanna see ur flip. S/o the🔌 submitted by WockkStarr to lean [link] [comments]

2021.10.18 12:13 ssvoogel Rangers prospect schedule week 42

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2021.10.18 12:13 Skinnyless Help with ideas on how to connect into a theme

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2021.10.18 12:13 Odd-Warning-1907 Pretty baby 🥺💕

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2021.10.18 12:13 KiraGreenHearted *free* kira + lucki + brentrambo type beat "insider" (Prod. by Elton)

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2021.10.18 12:13 MrReptile29 [PC] [H] 2 x Anodized Pearl [W] Credits

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2021.10.18 12:13 hcucucucuci The housing market will never collapse, and prices will only keep going up

This is my opinion, I haven’t got expert evidence to support this but a strong intuition
Wealthy people and corporations will continue buying out property, and prices will keep going up.
There just isn’t a compelling reason for why prices should ever fall. We are too deep into uncontrollable capitalism for this to reverse.
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2021.10.18 12:13 mstroutfhmhu King James falling into the seats looked like some sort of renaissance composition

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2021.10.18 12:13 earlgraymilkteaa How do one disinfect after a Covid patient’s IO ends tomorrow? My dad’s IO is ending tomorrow and we’re thinking about how to disinfect the room he’s using for Home Recovery. Any suggestions?

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2021.10.18 12:13 Tryxster Any way to get Byzantine Empire to have republican support and/or Astilleros Onassis in power?

I'm on a byzantine Empire run and founded it as fascists under Kosmidis. The fascists are loyal while the communists and monarchists are friendly. Is there any way to get the republicans on board? What will happen to the faction allegiances if I change ideology? And is there still a way to get Astilleros Onassis in power?
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2021.10.18 12:13 LonnyKid Completing the Platinum Trophy for DS Director's Cut

I am slowly but surely getting through the trophy list since downloading the Director's Cut, and Kojima the cheeky dude has added in more for us to complete.

I wondered if anyone had any tips and tricks to get the plat?
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2021.10.18 12:13 Stupid15yoSlut gimme good eyeliner tutorials please

im gonna try learn so I CAN LOOK MIRE FEMININE please thanks
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2021.10.18 12:13 Pael-eSports Im looking to give away Sparky, Royale Ghost or Fishboy, I literally take every legendary thats not one of the 3 above.

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2021.10.18 12:13 CreamyCornCob1 Mirror check - who needs belts 😮

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2021.10.18 12:13 Joseph_Jnr_25 SiD back again!!

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2021.10.18 12:13 minervadrws Genshin impact pins :)

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2021.10.18 12:13 Asaka_kmnr As a woman was raped on a Pennsylvania train, riders failed to intervene, police say

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2021.10.18 12:13 hotdogemi i love being happy with my identity but sometimes i wish i had at least one crush in my life

i've never had a crush in my life. i started identifying as aroace somewhere between 12 and 13 and for most of that time i've been questioning occasionally if i have had crushes (i haven't). sometimes i wish i did have crushes. just to know what it feels like and maybe what a relationship is like too but i'm also pretty happy with the way i am. i just feel like lots of people my age (highschool) are having crushes and being in relationships or planning for future ones but i'm not and i feel left out lol. i'm a person who likes to experience anything and everything that i can and yet i haven't been able to experience something that every single person i know has experienced. it's like being left out on an inside joke by the whole world lol it's so weird. i think i'm just thinking about this now because it's that time of night where i become properly conscious again. at the same time as wanting to experience a crush just to not feel left out on such a universal experience i also really don't want to have one. i mean i have no reason to complain, i'm aroace and unattractive so nobody has ever liked me before either, i think i won at life and i've barely started it 😎👍👍
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2021.10.18 12:13 Unicornincrisis I stole and pretended to be someone else to get some info from my bio family

I am adopted. My step family didnt know many things about my biological family. They knew, but they all knew a different story.. At 17 i was diagnosed with a disorder. So i decided i had to find out more. At 22 or so, i went to the civil service office in my country, pretended i was dying and asked to see my birth certificate. I stole my whole file. I then proceeded to creating fake fb profiles with my biological family's last name, saying im a long lost cousin from australia and got my bio fathers children to be friends with me. I catfished them for months to gain their trust and give me all the information i wanted to know, since none knew. I dont feel bad about it at all. None knows to this day, ten years later, who i was. My birth family doesnt know i know who they are, dont know who i am (my biological father thinks i died during birth) and my step family doesnt know either. My therapist doesnt know either.
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2021.10.18 12:13 Unexpectablez bro is is the actual lyrics from the unheard part of Already Dead?

look at this
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2021.10.18 12:13 Popular-Honeydew7266 📈🚀 Uptober Token - A real Fair-Launch on 19 OCT 18:00 UTC 🚀📈

📈🚀 Uptober Token - A real Fair-Launch on 19 OCT 18:00 UTC 🚀📈
Aren't you tired of "x10000 gems" with hidden team wallets and not so "fair launches"?
Most of the new released "meme" tokens have a life time of maximum 1 day, if you are lucky...
We won't promise the moon, but if we will go there, it will be due to our community work combined with our hard work behind the scenes.

💰 Uptober is not just a BEP-20 Token, it is a phenomen. During last years, October is considered to be “Uptober” for most of investors, because very few lose money by investing in this month, due to all the tokens that are going only up. As everybody is talking about Uptober, we are sure that our Token will be a success and despite the fact that we have “free promo” from our name, we are working hard to be recognized everywhere, including CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, Binance Smart Chain Scan, Influencers and Press-Media. 💰

♻️ Uptober : https://uptober.net
✏️ Contract: 0xD90F5e5b8D915Ca40f2F2137471d94600d366EA2
📌 Launch Date: 19 OCT - 18:00 UTC
🔒 100% of the Liquidity will be locked until 2022
⭐ Liquidity Start: 2 BNB (we have anti-whale feature, but don't tell them shhtt)

► Name: Uptober
► Symbol: $UPTOBER
► Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000
► Airdrop: 3% | Burn: 50% | Liquidity: 45% | Marketing: 2%

Transaction Fee
💸 1% goes to Ecosystem
💸 4% goes to Liquidity
💸 4% goes to Marketing
💸 2% goes to BuyBack Feature

Official Links:

🌐 Website: https://Uptober.net/
☄️ Twitter: https://twitter.com/UptoberToken
🚀 Chat: https://t.me/UptoberToken
📢 Channel: https://t.me/UptoberBSC
📝 Whitepaper: https://uptober.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/Uptober-Whitepaper.pdf
📄 Contract: 0xD90F5e5b8D915Ca40f2F2137471d94600d366EA2

🥞 Join Airdrop: https://sweepwidget.com/view/36491-e7m90p8z
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2021.10.18 12:13 Consprict369 Weapon choice?

Hello all, so I have taken interest in out tengu here, and I would like to build her. I know her general artifacts and talents to focus on, but I’m having trouble whether to go for favonius bow or sacrificial bow for support. Which would be better, and does it change in circumstances?
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