If you were to receive a Christmas gift that would bring joy to your younger self - what would it be?

2021.12.06 23:13 starrrzy If you were to receive a Christmas gift that would bring joy to your younger self - what would it be?

During times of sadness or stress I sometimes feel myself regressing to a younger state of mind, which reflects in my pastimes/need for comfort. I’ll colour, watch Disney cartoons, that sort of thing.
My mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I sort of want to ask for a toy or something, but I’m not really sure what? It might seem silly since I am an adult (20s), and I know this is a passing on/off phase.
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2021.12.06 23:13 BonesReign what is a good cologne to buy, espically for a young black man

I ask this because I’m a black man. I want that cologne that’s gonna make girls and guys turn around when I walk past them and say “he smells good”. I want that cologne that a black men who has white everything (car, cloths, shoes, and that’s how you know he’s well off) wears. Do you understand what i mean or no? Please help.
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2021.12.06 23:13 CordialTrekkie Grocery stores are dangerous this time of year...

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2021.12.06 23:13 svanapps Cryptocurrency exchange MyCryptoWallet collapses, calls in liquidators

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2021.12.06 23:13 taykaybo Do you think my best friend will like her xmas present?

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2021.12.06 23:13 SteelRain13P Forged Documents

Has anyone ever come across a document in their packet in which their signature was forged? I was recently going through my files an found a document regarding possible depleted uranium (DULLRAM) exposure from an '03 Iraq deployment. The form has my signature on it that is an obvious forgery.
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2021.12.06 23:13 Ftm__Incubus Reverse cowgirl, it makes sense. What, is there another meaning behind it?

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2021.12.06 23:13 clearlove_4396 2021年11月船员工资行情参考

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2021.12.06 23:13 francoise12345 Crossbreeding: Is it worth it? I don't think so

Hello again fellow farmers,
I've setup quite a few farms since the many farming updates that have through. I love the satisfaction of farming a large base full of fully grown plants and reaping the rewards via pure teas
However I often find myself burnt out of rust after hours of sitting in that farm, cross breeding. I usually try and go for a "perfect" gene of either YYYGGG or YYYYGG. However if you get unlucky with seeds this can take quite a while. I'm unconvinced that having perfect genes is worth the time commitment it takes, when you could be doing entire multiple harvests (especially if you're trying to get perfect genes for all the berry types) in the meantime. do you guys just roll with a decent gene that you get rather than crossbreeding? For example: even if I get YYXGGG, I would feel the need to crossbreed that until I got rid of the X.
By the time I finish crossbreeding and getting all the berries ready to farm, I want to exit the game lmao. Not to say I don't find it satisfying in the end. I do. I also find by the end of it, I have way too many teas than I know what to do with it, which also suggests it's probably not vital.
I also have not even bothered with heaters and fertilizer to get the extra 25% efficiency.
What are your opinions?
TLDR: I reckon rolling with an average gene and getting the farm going earlier is bettemore cost effective, than being pedantic and getting the best gene, but let me know what you think.
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2021.12.06 23:13 darin617 Beverley gets a technical foul

I can't wait for him to hopefully get cleared to play soon.
I thought he just missed seeing anything in the box score by his name. I guess they don't keep technical fouls in the box score.
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2021.12.06 23:13 BDonlon POV: It's your 1000th "dip"

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2021.12.06 23:13 breealexia Hello 😇

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2021.12.06 23:13 Sarr001 Delivering with doordash

Hey guys, I have a question. I do not have daca and currently working on getting my ITIN. I just wanted to know if I could do doordash and pay taxes. I have my Drivers license already in NJ.
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2021.12.06 23:13 Jobhi CIA in 1983 conducted an experiment on "Altered states of Consciousness". It shows significant similarity with Buddha's teachings.

This is entire document - https://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Analysis_and_Assessment_of_Gateway_Process
Volunteer's reported developing "powers" similar to what Buddha described here - https://www.accesstoinsight.org/tipitaka/dn/dn.02.0.than.html
The author also interprets the reasons for the reported experiences in a way which uses "mind contingent reality" model. And for the intuitive leaps his explanation required, so as to base it in "current understanding of the world", the author draws inspirations from quantum mechanics.
I thought many members here would find it immensely interesting.
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2021.12.06 23:13 TheFlame4234 Excuse me

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2021.12.06 23:13 HuffleBeardy Anyone willing to send a singular orange? 🍊

Hi everyone! New to Nintendo online here, and all I'm missing are oranges for my island. All I need is one!
I'm willing to either trade a decent amount of bells or a couple trios of rare flowers (I just ask that you dig em up in a way that more could grow in) 😊
Dm me if you're willing to trade!
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2021.12.06 23:13 AH_Nastyface Kitty kisses.

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2021.12.06 23:13 ChildofGod112 Recurring BV & PID?

I’m really scared. I have recurring BV. I was told to take metrogel 5 days and then once a week for 3 months. I did the 5 days and once a week for a couple weeks but I thought I got better so I stopped for a couple weeks and then used metrogel last week for the first time in a while. I’m so scared because I have lower back pain and some in the front and I’m worried I have PID. How likely / how fast is it that PID occurs from BV?
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2021.12.06 23:13 10marketing8 Global oil CEOs stress need for fossil fuels despite push for cleaner energy

#oil #peteroleum #gas #filingsearch #fuel
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2021.12.06 23:13 colewalt If we’re being honest—we’re asking for the complete Halo experience. That’s just going to take time and I’m fine with that.

The game doesn’t feel like a beta. Feels like a free trial of a finished game. And that’s fine when it’s free, and still in beta. Coming from a Reach and Halo 3 fan boy the game runs and feels amazing. I love the BR in ranked too. But I agree it’s bare. I’m hoping Wednesday has some surprises. Mainly in customization, and the two backbones, S.W.A.T. And Infection. But I’m guessing it’ll take a year, hopefully not more, for forge, community servers, a good number of maps, the XP system, etc. If they keep up the quality, and genuinely listen, and continue updating I think it’ll pressurize into a diamond.
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2021.12.06 23:13 muttrice School Doesn’t Offer Weighted GPA

In short, my high school doesn’t offer a weighted GPA on our transcripts. Instead, it weights class rank (i.e. since I’ve taken the most “weighted” classes and had As in them, I’m rank 1), but I cannot have a GPA >4.0. Does this put me at a disadvantage in admissions?
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2021.12.06 23:13 Coldestyet Coldestyet- Never Left

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2021.12.06 23:13 amnesiac7 Russian group behind SolarWinds incident ramping up hacking efforts, analysis says

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2021.12.06 23:13 anyoclock I always wondered

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