WhatsApp down again? No messages go trough, I am in Germany

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2022.01.22 10:54 automation_bot1337 WhatsApp down again? No messages go trough, I am in Germany

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2022.01.22 10:54 AzureSunSoul SOTD Game Changer and Dark Florals

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2022.01.22 10:54 Hellsong26 Bird battle on the Bow River (01/20/22) (Are those golden eagles around the Baldy?)

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2022.01.22 10:54 kamarkamakerworks Thich Nhat Hanh absolutely and purely changed my outlook on life with his words.

Being still today for him.
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2022.01.22 10:54 lalalinzee In-laws are coming today

...and I just really was not in the mood for a visit.
My massage therapist just emailed me saying she has an opening at the exact time they are visiting.
The heavens have parted and I am now getting a massage while my husband and baby spend quality time with the in-laws.
Angel choir
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2022.01.22 10:54 Dublumax360RO I swear if they touch any of the cod games-

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2022.01.22 10:54 Awkward_Ad_2802 Não sei se isso vai render ;-

Estava tentando achar maneiras de ganhar uma graninha, nada extraordinário, uns 100 pila por mês já me ajudava muito, só pra dar um rolê sem precisar pedir grana pros pais, saca ?
Tentei entrar nessa parada de NFT, mas não sei como vai ser kkkk. Se alguém tiver alguma dica de como ganhar uns 100 pila por mês, ou mais, com algo de internet, adoraria escutar.
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2022.01.22 10:54 gmatom The best Wisconsin phrases, captured in cross-stitch, inspired by Charlie Berens

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2022.01.22 10:54 sistamaryclarence Need suggestions please

I’m looking to trade in my 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee I recently bought. It’s been less than dependable and it really makes me worried that my engine will fail, etc. As for a new car, I’m really not sure what to get. I like the idea of a something fast again, but maybe not an SUV. I don’t really need the space. Does anyone have suggestions? Audi, BMW, and Mercedes are definitely what I’m leaning toward. Thank you.
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2022.01.22 10:54 elegantloveglimmer Keqing in battle (TorinoAqua) [Genshin Impact]

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2022.01.22 10:54 GagaMiya Shoebox to Switzerland - Cost?

Hi everyone, the shipping calculator says it's about $70 for shipping a shoebox (with shoes) to Switzerland. Does anyone here have any experience with this?
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2022.01.22 10:54 Departedart Dagon smoking a bong (The Tower)

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2022.01.22 10:54 TheRomanRuler Looking for mod recommendations to add color to Skyrim

i am considering buying Skyrim. Altough its legendary game, i still have not played it. But i am really turned off by colorless look of the game, everything is grey or brown.
What are best mods to add color to the game? I don't mind if it changes entire visual style of the game, but i would like to experience vanilla story.
I don't need need graphical quality upgrades, unless it can be done without perfomance impact.
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2022.01.22 10:54 ShotgunWolfy I want to 36 star abyss what would be the best comp to do so?

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2022.01.22 10:54 NachitoJohnson Work two jobs in the same office building? I’m the only one from my immediate team at my office, and have an opportunity for a new job with a company in the same office. I could make it work by taking 45 min “bathroom breaks” every other hour. Has anyone done it?

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2022.01.22 10:54 butterscotch_13 i need help typing me based on these questions!

hyeee beautiful people, I've been struggling to identify what mbti type I am I've been confused between infp/infj can someone help me out? i found some questions to help type me but it's hard for me to type myself since I'm relatively new to all this. I just want to know what ya'll think.

  1. What makes you respect individuals, groups, or organizations? List whatever you can think of.
answer: I respect people who are compassionate and are generally open-minded and not quick to judge others.
2. What kind of things turn you off about a person, a brand/company, or a particular environment? What gets under your skin (in a bad way)?
answer: Critical people that quickly see something wrong with someone without knowing that person.
3. How good is your memory for detail? Specific conversations you've had in the past, little tasks that need to get done, what you were doing the first time you heard a song or tried a food, etc.
answer: My memory isn't the best when it comes to day-to-day things it has to be significant somewhat tied down with specific/ intense emotions for me to really remember it.
4. What do you spend the most time thinking about - the past, the present, the future? Practical topics, logistical issues, relationships with people, theoretical concepts, issues of morality/ethics? Do you find yourself fixating on one thing, coming back to it, and trying to figure it out, or are you more prone to meandering through multiple tangentially related topics? Do you often daydream/space out? When you do daydream or fantasize, what kind of things do you imagine and think about?
answer: I daydream/ space out a lot and I generally think a lot about theoretical concepts and morality/ ethics. I think a lot about the future too and like to imagine myself in it. I tend to fixate on one concept and try to understand it a lot.
5. Think about a topic or two you're really interested in and like having conversations about. Do you think you would generally have more fun talking about that topic with an enthusiastic, curious listener who asks you lots of great questions, or do you think you would generally have more fun listening to an interesting, entertaining person talk at length about it and answer your questions enthusiastically?
answer: I like to talk a lot about social issues and other people's interests and such. I actively enjoy participating in the conversation at the same time like to hear others' opinions on it and bounce off from there.
6. In the last question, what topic(s) were you think about?
answer: social issues, life after death, the universe as a whole, morality/ethics, what's right or what's wrong?
7. If someone is doing something that you strongly disagree with, how likely are you to confront them about it? If you do confront them, how do you usually tend to do it? How does your answer change depending on your relationship with the person, and whether their actions directly affect you?
answer: if someone is doing something I disagree with I would probably ignore it if it was a stranger but if it's my loved ones or someone I know I'm more likely to confront them about it by trying to affirm them at the same time telling them why I think its wrong.

8. How interested are you in trying new things - traveling, trying strange and exotic foods, going on roller coasters, jumping out of airplanes, things like that? Regardless of how interested you are, how willing would you be to do those things if someone asked you to? How often do you actually do things like that? Give examples.
answer: I'm always open to new experiences. I've always been the first one in my family to try out something new and be enthusiastic about it eg: riding rollercoasters, going skydiving, trying exotic foods, etc. However most times I imagine it more than actually doing it.
9. How would other people describe your demeanor? It may help to ask people you know. How emotional do you seem to people? How rational? Do you tend to be quiet and reserved, or more loud and talkative? Do you seem to choose your words carefully, or talk stream of consciousness, or do you sometimes think so fast you stumble trying to get all the words out? Do you tend to finish your sentences, or skip to the next sentence in the middle of the one you're saying, or skip to new topics entirely? Do you interrupt - if so, when and how often? How do you feel if someone interrupts you? How often do you feel like you have so much energy you can't sit still and need to be up and moving? How hard is it for you to get out of bed in the morning, or get up after relaxing for a long time?
answer: I'm more reserved and quiet. I tend to be calmer with people and my friend has told me that before though at times I have my burst of energy where I can never sit still and my mouth just flows streams of words from anything to everything. I can easily get out of bed if I really really must
10. Are you involved in any creative activities or projects? What are they and why do you like them? What are your goals in these areas? What have you felt most proud of or satisfied with? How likely are you to finish a particular project you start?
answer: I'm really into philosophy and humanities as a whole if it's even considered creative but other than that I'm really into writing and music as well. I've finished writing a whole book once which I constantly put off so I was quite proud when I finished it.
11. What are your age, gender, and nationality, if you feel comfortable sharing?
answer: 18,female,malaysian
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2022.01.22 10:54 MaIibu Should I deploy the loader with my application? (windows)

Strangely I couldn't find any answers to this online. I know that driver packages deploy the loader so technically I shouldn't need to deploy the loader as it will be found either way.
But there's some nice features (e.g. Physical device sorting) I might want to rely on, that might not be implemented in the loaders supplied by drivers. I know that some applications do deploy their own, e.g. WhatsApp, Spotify, Discord (searched on my PC) so what is the consensus on this?
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2022.01.22 10:54 LostRonin34 Ps4 does anyone have a masamune that wanna trade

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2022.01.22 10:54 jbny86 Am I the only one who can’t stand Mox?

I appreciate most of his matches, but his mannerisms drive me nuts. The constant whatever the hell he is doing with his shoulders and head is obnoxious.
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2022.01.22 10:54 SauceMaster145 If it was easy everyone would be rich

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2022.01.22 10:54 BurritoDesigns Paul has 472 ceramic bowls

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2022.01.22 10:54 goodkingx What's your favorite cheese?

Mines provolone. Number 2 is mozzarella and three is parmesan.
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2022.01.22 10:54 mythicalcreature420 No clue what kinda clouds these are but man they’re cool

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2022.01.22 10:54 ReeeMii I am just promoting a discord server for my friend.

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