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Bagger 288

2022.01.22 12:54 seacobs Bagger 288

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2022.01.22 12:54 goudgoud Will I fry my video card if I run it without any cooler for 10-20seconds?

I have a 1080TI that died, I have oven baked it and want to see if the bake fixed it before reattaching the cooler. (lots of thermal pad and paste work to be done before I can reattach the cooler and would rather not do all that if it isnt fixed.)
Is running it with the cooler removed long enough to boot into windows going to kill it, assuming the bake fixed it in the first place?
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2022.01.22 12:54 OkCandidate2904 Electric motor winding book

Hey guys, I kinda need some help here..
I'm trying to learn the theory of winding electric motor, I mean like the formula to determine the size of wire and how many turns. I try searching it on Google but I don't find it.
Can you guys help me please? If there is any reference book about winding electric motor.. thanks guys
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2022.01.22 12:54 Lil-JohnnyB Pitched yeast and dry hops together??

Just got back to my Beermkr after months of dealing with other things so I am seriously rusty and out of practice...anyway. Whipped out the Backyard Session and while pitching the yeast today I was distracted and also added the dry hops as well (was suppose to wait for tomorrow). Can anyone tell me if this will ruin the process, is it a loss?
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2022.01.22 12:54 jarmo2001 So many bad teammates, but finnaly!! 1v3 aint easy

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2022.01.22 12:54 fartichokehearts Advice for juggling different cats with different needs?

Does anyone have cats with a similar dynamic? Any advice welcome.
My cats are siblings and I love them both but the one cat is annoying as fuck. I got them when they were 6, they're 10 now and as far as I can tell she's always been like this.
Their previous owner was put in a nursing home, and when I got them her brother was morbidly obese so it's possible some behaviors might be symptoms of neglect.
She is so loud, and so needy and so dumb.
I need her to eat bc she is a finicky eater and tends to be lower weight, but she wants me to feed her like 20 times throughout the day so she can eat 1 bite then fuck off. Then when she decides she wants food again she WAILS about it.
Her brother is overweight and MOTIVATED AF to get food so I can't just leave food out for her.
I keep their meal times really regimented so they know what to expect.
I've gotten her checked out by the vet numerous times and it's just her personality/ probably some cognitive impairment
(Impairment is likely self induced bc she likes to bury herself under layers and layers of blankets all day and has probably deprived her brain of oxygen enough to cause damage)
Also I think she just likes to hear herself meow and chatter. The only time she doesn't do it at all is when she's asleep. Even her brother gets annoyed with her and I've seen them fight a bit when she won't stfu.
All that being said she is incredibly sweet, affectionate and so docile- like she's never even tried to scratch me.
To handle it we put them in the basement at night (with toys, bed, litter, snacks) or else we would never sleep- my partner has pretty serious issues with sleep and those need to take priority. I also keep a spray bottle for times when she's being especially insufferable.
She is almost completely ambivalent to any deterrents to the constant meowing. The spray bottle is the only thing that seems to work for a little while but she's usually back at it within 20 min or so. Everything I read is like "just don't pay attention to them when they meow and reward them when they're quiet" but that doesn't work when meowing is all she does.
Also I need to be careful bc her brother is much more sensitive and he gets stressed if he sees me even holding the spray bottle (I've never used it on him)
His only real behavior issues are eating everything he can find and occasionally pooping on the carpet when he's trying to tell me he is miffed about something. ( I moved some furniture around last week and he sent me a strong message that evening)
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2022.01.22 12:54 njkahuna1 Only at Disney's Animal Kingdom can I find the only other guy wearing a kilt. Both our family's thought it was great.

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2022.01.22 12:54 Open-Baby2160 Shrimp

i bought shrimp that are cooked but they have heads and black dots, i guess it’s eyes. Do I need to prepare them or just cook them?
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2022.01.22 12:54 SDM89 I’ll be a good slut for you, please…

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2022.01.22 12:54 THEOSCARMIKEY What headphones do you play with? I'm talking irl open/closed back headsets or headphones.

Is there a gem out there that helps with directional audio? I use Cooler Master MH 751..
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2022.01.22 12:54 Bankersverse_ofcl Biggest buy & Raffle Giveaway

Biggest buy & Raffle Giveaway Additionall Giveaway to the ongoing biggest buy contest!
Every 0.2 Buy is qualified in a Raffle!!!
2 Winners will be picked and can win 0.5 BnB each. !
Additionally we will giveaway a custom sticker to 1 Person !
(Biggest buy to beat is currently 12.7 BnB !)

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2022.01.22 12:54 jessabeille Streak 219: Admitir que se equivoca

Cuando era más joven, me costaba admitir que me equivocaba. Me daba vergüenza cometer errores y por lo tanto, intentaba ocultar mis errores.
Un día, cometí un error en un informe y tuve que admitir a mi jefe que me había equivocado. Pensé que mi jefe me reprocharía. A mi sorpresa, la reacción de mi jefe no fue nada como yo pensaba. Simplemente me dijo que cambiara el informe.
Desde ese día, me doy cuenta de que no es grave equivocarse. Lo importante es admitir y rectificar el error.
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2022.01.22 12:54 Hummerous creative outlet

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2022.01.22 12:54 SwedishMel Made canelés for the first time, vanilla & rum flavours

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2022.01.22 12:54 garr112233 🌱 META NURSE $MetaCure Rewards and NFT P2E Token 🟢Fairly Launched 3 days ago 🟢 100x + Potential 🟢 Metaverse themed game development 🚀

If you feel unwell, exhausted or hangovered during this festive New Year 2022, Meta Nurse will take care of your troubles! Free up yourself financially by holding $MetaCure token in order to receive more $MetaCure as your passive dividends.
Starting as a meme coin with rewards mechanism and upcoming community contests, followed by an extensive roadmap to code our own Metaverse NFT Play 2 Earn game 🎮 Fairly launched 3 days ago and sitting only at 2.5x !
Token Name : MetaNurse .games
Symbol : MetaCure
Blockchain : BSC
Total Supply : 1,000,000,000
Initial Burn : 550,000,000 (55%)
Team Tokens: 50,000,000 (5% 2 months lock)
Marketing : 50,000,000 (5%)
PCS LP lock: 350,000,000 (35%)
Transaction Taxes:
7% Reflections
3% Marketing
Currently running a:
THE BIGGEST BUYER WILL GET: 10,000,000 $MetaCure (~$70 ATM)
Starts 10am UTC 22/01 Ends 9am UTC 23/01
To be eligible, please do not sell while promotion lasts. If you make more than one purchase it will summarise💰
📄 BSC Smart Contract : 0xa6a79b42d1b96f89040ac0100200115f3950b954
🥠Pancakeswap: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xa6a79b42d1b96f89040ac0100200115f3950b954
ℹ Slippage: 12%-14%
🔹Website: https://metanurse.games/
🔹Twitter: https://twitter.com/MetaNurseBSC
🔹Telegram: https://t.me/metanurse
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2022.01.22 12:54 andersonfmly I love putting on warm underwear fresh out of the dryer...

Plus it's super fun to look around the laundromat and guess who they belong to.
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2022.01.22 12:54 LukeS2004 [Xbox] [Price Check] Need Price Checks On The Following Sets & Items

• Overdrive Lone Wolf Set
• Victory Infinium Set
• Triumph Striker Dissolver
• Triumph Striker Black Hypnotiks
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2022.01.22 12:54 Own_Carrot_7040 Randall Denley: State of Ontario's health care makes it hard to feel optimistic about the future

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2022.01.22 12:54 NervousNachos Redblock: Krystal Keeper of the Final Film

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2022.01.22 12:54 KittysRedditFun First batch of OCs based off of emojis + songs on my Spotify playlists! Basically, everyone who requested one of these commented a number between 1-46 that corresponed to a song on my playlists. Requests are still open btw!^^

First batch of OCs based off of emojis + songs on my Spotify playlists! Basically, everyone who requested one of these commented a number between 1-46 that corresponed to a song on my playlists. Requests are still open btw!^^ submitted by KittysRedditFun to GachaClub [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 12:54 Boxroonne Windows 11 slowed down my laptop extremely to the point where I can't use it. How do I fix this?

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2022.01.22 12:54 naah707 HMFT after I get treated like a human punchbag

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2022.01.22 12:54 hope1083 Manager forcing employee back to office

This isn't about me but my old co-worker. We both work for a major company in the USA. We worked together for years but last year I moved to a different department and location as I made a career change.
We still talk on the phone to catch up and discuss work since we are in very different roles now and departments it is glaring that managers really can either make enjoy working or hate it with a passion. (Her manager is the latter...one of the reasons I left)
Well company global policy due to C is that we do not have to go into the office until Feb. 1 and if we can do are WFH. If we want to go into the office fine but it is not mandatory. She received an email stating that senior employees in her department no assistant was in the office to answer phones and her manager put together a schedule to have 2-3 assistants in the office starting next week. It said if you have an issue with coming into the office to reach out to her.
My friend is worried about Omnicron but feels pressured to go in on Monday. I told her this is not the first time manager has done the above. I would report it to HR as this can be looked at as bullying. She does not want to make waves. In her department there is no social distancing and the floor had previously had 5 confirmed C cases in December.
Wherein I work at my location we have social distancing for space and we only have to come in 10 days a month (2x a week and every other Friday). My manager said see you in February. No issues with me WFH. It is like night and day depending on your manager.
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2022.01.22 12:54 Mr_Rivera Movie of the Year: The Matrix Resurrections

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2022.01.22 12:54 pull_bunyan Camila Giorgi

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